About Print Strategy

Print Strategy helps businesses across a diverse range of markets sectors address two significant areas of their business processes that are often overlooked: printing and managing documents.

Print Strategy was established in 2005 as an independent print consultancy. Unlike many other companies that provide solutions we are vendor independent and can advise on a diverse range of software and hardware solutions from a large range of manufacturers showing the relative merits of each on a totally impartial and unbiased basis.

Office printing remains an underexploited savings opportunity, and actively managing it will reduce your spending by 10% to 30%. The failure to rein in your office printing costs risks having them spiral even higher as users print more image-rich and colour-intensive documents. For example, some organisations have seen the percentage of colour pages double over the last five years, while others report some colour on 40% or more of their pages.

Active management of office printing can reduce your costs but only if you have a strategy and then carry it out, which is easier said than done. Some organisations try to rein in their office printing but encounter many obstacles and, thus, give up in frustration. Others are overwhelmed from the outset by numerous and tangled problems and never even try. A basic strategy must anticipate and then overcome the obstacles.

Our consultants have over twenty-five years experience in office processes, workflows and printing environments. We have successfully implemented print strategies and solutions in a wide range of businesses and organisations.

For more information about how we can help, telephone 01483 429 557, email enquiries@printstrategy.co.uk or send us your enquiry via our contact form.

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