Environmental Considerations. An intelligent Print Strategy

If going green in the office sounds like a pipedream, you are not alone. Over half of UK small to medium sized businesses do not have an environmental sustainability policy in place, according to independent research commissioned by HP.

Our print audits can provide you with an analysis of the environmental impact of your existing fleet of equipment along with a comparison of the projected impact from alternative solutions. Aside from reducing paper consumption and waste we offer the opportunity to reduce CO² emissions, carbon footprint and energy consumption.

All office equipment uses energy when switched on or in standby mode. In the UK alone equipment left on standby is responsible for generating over 3 million tonnes of CO² each year, according the Energy Saving Trust.

Energy consumption from different equipment on the market varies considerably and selecting the right devices can ensure you are minimising your environmental impact. For example, comparing two current leading manufacturer’s 65 pages per minute ‘colour capable’ devices estimated one year’s power consumption in kWh varies by up to three times. Equipment selection can make a key contribution to making environmental improvements and saving money.

By taking advantage of latest “instant fusing” and “low toner melting point” technologies energy consumption can be cut considerably. There is also an advantage for your staff as the faster warm-up times from standby means that they will spend less time waiting at the device.

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