Are you paying too much for your office printing? A Print Audit can help.

If you are unable to answer the following questions then your company will benefit from having a Print Strategy Print Audit carried out:

  1. What are the volumes being generated on all printers?
  2. How much is being spent each month on printing?
  3. Who are the biggest users in the environment?
  4. Which printers are getting the most use?
  5. How much could you save with a change in your company’s print strategy?

Without the correct information most companies take the decision to replace equipment on a “like for like” basis. A Print Strategy Print Audit will provide detailed and accurate information on the total cost of ownership from existing printing and copying devices. Using this information we will work with you to reduce costs, maximise the return on your investment, and reduce wastage and lower environmental impact.

A Print Strategy print audit is:

  • Unbiased and vendor independent
  • An accurate measurement of current costs
  • A consultative approach
  • An assessment of the carbon footprint

Print Strategy offers varying levels of print audits depending on the size of your printer and copier fleet. To find out which type of audit would best suit your business needs and receive sample reports, either email, call 0845 130 4324 or submit the form on our contact page.

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