Control Costs, reduce the complexity of managing your printing infrastructure and improve business processes

Many organisations are looking to do more with less. Managed print services (MPS) can cut both capital and operational expenses. With MPS you outsource the control of this complex infrastructure to Print Strategy Ltd freeing your resources to focus on your core business competencies.

The problem is the same for organisations of all sizes; unmanaged print environments can represent a huge drain on costs and resources. Typically this is characterised by a fragmented device sprawl and a mix of old and new technology. This leads to difficulties in controlling what and how much is being printed ultimately leading to excessive paper and printer consumables consumption.

MPS enable organisations to rationalise print environments by minimising device proliferation through reducing user-to-device ratios. This leads to simplifying management tasks, provides economies of scale and maximises device uptime through proactive monitoring.

Typically we break the implementation of MPS into three stages for most effective adoption:

  1. Control: During this stage of implementation we are focused upon gaining control of the fleet.
  2. Optimise: At this point we are focused on optimising your fleet to ensure that devices are deployed in the optimal manner.
  3. Enhance: In this final stage we go beyond optimisation of your fleet to actually enhancing the capabilities of the fleet by using document management and document workflow to improve basic business processes.

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