What makes us different?

Printer and copier vendors will more often than not present the information from print reviews in a way to support the sale of more hardware. Invariably the claimed cost savings are over stated and ultimately the hardware vendor is unable to deliver the promises they make at the point of sale.

Print Strategy’s independence means we can recommend the best solution to fit your business needs and budget. Because we are independent we can negotiate the best terms from a range of software and hardware vendors and present these for comparison and selection by our clients.

The analogy we draw is that if you were looking for a new mortgage you would not simply go and visit one bank. The chances are that you would contact a number of banks or deal with an independent financial advisor to establish the best deal on the market to suit your needs. Print Strategy carry out the same role for you as an independent financial advisor by researching the market on your behalf and presenting the relevant solutions on a side by side basis for comparison.

The print consultancy process usually starts with a print audit. The information gathered from the audit helps us put together a detailed report on your current infrastructure, costs and volumes. We usually always suggest carrying out an audit even if the client thinks they know what they want. We regard it as carrying out due diligence prior to making our recommendations. You may be looking at making a fairly considerable investment and we regard it as imperative that the solution fits and is future proofed as far as possible.

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