Case Study: CIS Security Ltd

CIS Security

CIS run a 24 hours a day 7 days a week security control centre from their Head Office in London and administer over 680 security officers and mobile security teams across a wide range of professional, financial and commercial organisations across the UK..34 staff are based in their London office.

In June 2009 CIS Security were referred to Print Strategy via their IT support company. CIS had already received a number of quotations for upgrading old and inefficient printers with new devices.

The company has grown organically over the last 30 years and acquired various printers over the years to support the security centre, HR, accounts, marketing, customer services, administration and directors. Printers had previously been replaced on a “like for like” basis and 10 different model types were being used. The diversity of model types added to support and procurement costs and time.

The responsibility of managing this fleet of printers fell on the accounts department. Management were keen to find an alternative solution that would reduce costs and require less support and administrative resource. At the same time any solution could not adversely affect operational efficiency.

Right from the start Print Strategy’s approach was different

Print Strategy were the only company to conduct a print audit to quantify existing volumes and costs to gain a better understanding of the requirements of individual departments and provide a platform for comparing an alternative printing solution. A further consideration was the physical layout of the building. Departments are spread out over three floors and due to the nature of the business the offices are not open plan.

The quotations CIS had already received from equipment vendors ranged from supplying a single multi-functional device alongside 8 local printers to a quotation supplying just two multi-functional devices. Whilst the quotations may have reduced costs they would not enhance operational functionality and reduce administrative support.

Print Strategy’s solution was to provide a single high speed colour capable multi-functional device to support all the departments based on the ground floor. Users were issued with personalised proximity cards to authenticate themselves at the device to release secure and confidential prints. This enabled management to restrict access to certain functionality, such as colour to staff that did not require this facility. This had the added benefit of controlling costs and eliminating unclaimed and wasted prints.

For the departments on the mezzanine floor and first floor high speed mono and colour laser printers were supplied with lower running costs and high capacity consumables. Staff from these floors can also access the functionality of the high speed multifunctional device on the ground floor using their own proximity cards. The solution reduced upfront investment in hardware and avoided duplicating facilities.

Even taking into account the investment in hardware the solution has led to a 26% reduction in costs

CIS now have a robust reliable printing solution with fast and professional support outsourced to one of Print Strategy’s approved maintenance companies. Accounts department staff now spend less time supporting printing activity with meter readings and consumable ordering being fully automated.

Although the number of printing devices has been reduced from 13 to just 5 there has been no reduction in operational efficiency and the staff have embraced the solution.

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